Top Reasons You Should Purchase Hair Care Products from Your Stylist

The biggest complaint we hear from our guests about their hair is that they cannot produce the same results at home as their stylist does in the Salon. We do our best to educate everyone on how to style their hair at home, and with that comes a recommendation for the hair care and styling aids we've used to create that look you love.

Like most salons, not all of our guests choose to purchase the products recommended by their stylist.

We have put together a list for you of why you should be purchasing your hair care products in the Salon.

1. Salon products are better. Generally, professional products use gentler cleansers, are more concentrated, and use higher quality ingredients.

No one knows your hair better than your stylist, and they can tell when you've used over the counter products, including the "natural" stuff.

You've spent hundreds of dollars on your color and cut. You should care about what you put in your hair.

2. Cheap brands are watered down. Drug store brands can make a big bottle seem cheap. That liter of drug store shampoo is mostly water and inferior ingredients. Not only do you have to use more to get your hair feeling clean. It's stripping your fresh color as well as that much needed moisture. Buy from the Salon, and you'll replace that bottle much less frequently.

3. No Guarantee. Your stylist is the only one knowledgeable enough to know which hair care and styling products are right for your hair texture, density, life style and desired result. Have you ever asked the person behind the counter at the drugstore what to use on your hair? How did that work out for you? We know our brands and we guarantee you will love your products. If not, bring it back and we will try something new.

4. Invest in your Stylist. If you love your stylist and your Salon, you'll be happy to hear that purchasing your home care supports their continuing education. Your home hair care purchases help provide the necessary resources to grow and improve services and your experience.

5. You don't really know what's in that bottle. Box stores and online retailers are not hair salons and are not allowed to purchase professional salon products from the manufacturer. They often obtain those products from shady dealers. They may be expired or discontinued.and sometimes even diluted or filled with bacteria.

We know everyone wants to save money when possible. However, the prices are rarely different than in the Salon.