Hair Refresher is a dry shampoo that absorbs excess sebum, leaving hair clean and hydrated. It does not leave residue and it does not weigh hair down. Suitable for all hair types for a quick refreshing cleanse.


A formula designed to revive and cleanse hair without needing for water. With natural active ingredients like rice flour, having highly hydrating and absorbent properties.


Hair is light yet volumized with a fresh scent, as if you had just washed it. The credit goes to the fresh citrus fragrance that works in synergy with Sinodor®, a natural molecule that captures and neutralises bad odours, especially those deriving from oily substances like excess sebum on the scalp.


For all hair types. A light, fresh-scented powdery mist that absorbs oil and creates volume without washing hair.


How to Use

Spray directly onto roots of hair at a distance of at least a few inches, and massage into scalp with fingers.

Davines Hair Refresher

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